Leeds Critical Data Studies Group


The Leeds Critical Data Studies Group is a multidisciplinary group of researchers across the University of Leeds who are working on the critical interrogation of data systems and logics. The core activities for the group are to organise events and workshops to discuss current research and to learn new research techniques. Events and workshops include monthly seminars to discuss issues relating to critical data studies in each of our fields of study, workshops for Leeds researchers on how to extract, analyse and interpret data from online platforms and other websites and conferences to present current issues relating to critical data studies. 

Critical data studies is an emergent field of study pioneered by researchers in sociology, anthropology, communication, media studies, geography, and legal studies, among others. If you’re new to critical data studies, below are three good places to start your investigation (including a reading least about ‘critical algorithm studies’, a related area of study):

Gillespie, Tarleton and Seaver, Nick. ‘Critical Algorithm Studies: A Reading List’ Microsoft Social Media Collective. Available at https://socialmediacollective.org/reading-lists/critical-algorithm-studies (updated regularly)

Lupton, D. ‘The thirteen Ps of big data’ (2015) This Sociological Life: A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton. Available at https://simplysociology.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/the-thirteen-ps-of-big-data

Dalton, Craig M., Linnet Taylor, and Jim Thatcher (2016). “Critical Data Studies: A Dialog on Data and Space.” Available at http://bds.sagepub.com/content/3/1/2053951716648346

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